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“The treatment that I received made a huge improvement in my quality of life.” – K.R.

Restoring quality of life.

Snoring and sleep apnea are serious issues, which affect your health and well-being. They affect your quality of life, and make no mistake, they affect the quality of life of those around you.

The ADVENT Snoring Center offers a full spectrum of non-surgical and surgical treatments tailored to your particular anatomy. Many of our solutions can be performed in our office in less than 30 minutes without general anesthesia.


Madan Kandula, M.D.

Founder / Board-Certified Otolaryngologist


James Rossiter, M.D.

Board-Certified Otolaryngologist,
Facial Plastic Surgeon


Ethan Handler, M.D.

Board-Certified Otolaryngologist,
Cosmetic Surgeon

Bringing our best
to each patient.


  • Medical team of ear-nose-throat specialists recognized as Top Doctors by Milwaukee magazine
  • Offering the Pillar procedure for snoring and sleep apnea
  • In-home sleep studies
  • Most treatments are in-office procedures

Home Sleep Study


The ADVENT Snoring Center offers patients the ultimate convenience of having a fast, accurate sleep study performed from the comfort of their own homes and their own beds. Using the latest FDA-approved technology, the unique ARES (Apnea Risk Evaluation System) home sleep study system is worn comfortably on the forehead, usually for one night.



CPAP alternatives

In some cases, there is an effective alternative to CPAP.

In some cases, there is an effective alternative to CPAP.

Aside from the inconvenience of wearing a CPAP mask and the intrusion on intimacy, some people report frequent awakenings from discomfort or noise emitted by the machine. Others complain of dry mouth or nasal congestion, and some struggle with feelings of claustrophobia.

If you’ve been prescribed a CPAP machine and are seeking an alternative, long-term solution, the ADVENT Snoring Center may be able to help. The minimally invasive, FDA approved solutions we perform will improve OSA. In some cases, they are an effective alternative to CPAP. In other cases, they enable patients to lower their CPAP treatment setting to make the therapy much more tolerable.