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Office-Based CT

The ADVENT Sinus & Allergy Center offers every option for helping you to breathe better. Finding the treatments that are right for you, however, depends on making an accurate diagnosis. There’s no better tool for determining what is going on inside your sinuses than a CT scan.

Office-Based CTThat no longer involves the inconvenience of going to a hospital to get a CT scan in a full-body machine. The Sinus Center was the first practice in southeastern Wisconsin to introduce office-based CT scanning, and we’ve recently updated our technology to the latest generation devices.

Our new office-based CT takes a good thing and makes it even better: less radiation, faster speed, higher resolution. As before, you sit upright in an open environment. The radiation is 94 percent less than conventional CT systems. The digital images are ideal for visualizing the sinuses and the fine bony structures of the face. Because our scanners are office-based, results are available for our doctors to review with you during your visit, without delays.

As a specialized practice focused on the ear, nose and throat, the ADVENT Sinus & Allergy Center is committed to investing in technology that enhances the treatments we provide. That’s why you’ll find office-based CT systems at both of our locations. We spare no resources to offer you the most resources for breathing better.