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Is it allergies or a sinus problem? Or a combination of the two? Symptoms can be confusing and overlapping, and lead to an endless cycle of medications and doctor visits without relief. The ADVENT Sinus & Allergy Center, however, offers patients a comprehensive approach to the complexities of allergy, sinus, ear, throat and voice problems. We are the only practice in southeastern Wisconsin to bring together the coordinated care of allergy and ENT specialists in one setting. Whatever the issues are, we are able to evaluate and resolve them by providing all the options for improving your quality of life.


Our allergy team treats the spectrum of allergy problems in both children and adults, including allergic rhinitis, allergic skin conditions and immune deficiency.

Through examination, a discussion of symptoms, and allergy testing, we determine the cause of allergies and recommends an individualized treatment. For many patients, allergen immunotherapy shots are an effective choice and a staple of our care. Other patients may prefer allergen immunotherapy drops, which are offered by the ADVENT Sinus & Allergy Center, along with only a few other practices in Southeastern Wisconsin. Allergan immunotherapy drops offer the convenience of at-home use and the build-up of allergy resistance, comparable to that of injections.

Allergies can be compounded by underlying sinus problems, such as polyps, that typical allergy care does not treat. The specialists of the ADVENT Sinus & Allergy Center offer patients a combined approach. When there are sinus issues, our team collaborates to meet a patient’s total needs through a comprehensive care plan. Often, resolving sinus problems first opens up the airways to make treating the accompanying allergies easier and more effective.

Dealing with chronic allergies can be a lifelong frustration of trying one medication after another, and going from one doctor to the next. Rely on the unique, comprehensive expertise of the ADVENT Sinus & Allergy Center to put allergy problems behind you once and for all. We welcome first-time allergy patients and those who are seeking a second opinion.