Hear Well. Live Better.

Your Hearing is Worth It

The hidden costs of not treating hearing loss.
We are always mindful at the ADVENT Hearing Center that hearing aids represent an out-of-pocket medical expense for nearly everyone. But consider the hidden “costs” of not treating hearing loss. People with hearing impairment that goes untreated suffer many negative effects. Some studies suggest there may be a link between hearing loss and heart disease and high blood pressure. Also, compared to hearing-impaired people who use hearing aids, those who do not use hearing aids are more likely to report:

  • Sadness & depression
  • Paranoia, worry & anxiety
  • Less social activity
  • Emotional turmoil & insecurity


The benefits of treating your hearing.
People whose hearing loss is treated often report a number of benefits, including:

  • Better relationships with family & friends
  • Enhanced feelings about themselves
  • Improved mental health
  • Greater independence and security


For a thorough evaluation of your hearing problem, look to the ADVENT Hearing Center. Here, Dr. Gwen Kandula, a board-certified doctor of audiology, uses today’s state-of-the-art testing methods to diagnose hearing loss. Plus, she will recommend the best hearing solution based on your individual needs. Your hearing is connected to your overall sense of well-being. Don’t suffer needlessly when the expertise of the ADVENT Hearing Center can renew your hearing—and your quality of life.

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