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Virtual Reality

A real world preview.
Advent Hearing Center Virtual Reality RoomHow will your hearing aid work in the everyday world—at a family gathering, in a noisy restaurant, at the movie theater? The virtual reality room at the ADVENT Hearing Center can give you a crucial preview. The plasma screen and surround sound system can be programmed to simulate numerous environments where you can check the effectiveness of your hearing aid. It can assure that you’ve chosen the right aid, and also help the professionals at the ADVENT Hearing Center fine-tune it for real-world conditions. Normally, this can be a lengthy process of trial and error. The virtual reality room at the ADVENT Hearing Center, however, can considerably shorten this fine-tuning phase so you’re comfortable with your aid much sooner.

Follow-up care makes the difference.
The fitting of a hearing aid is only the first step in achieving your ultimate satisfaction. Follow-up care is critical to using a hearing aid successfully. In the weeks and months after the fitting of a hearing aid, we check on your experience with it and make any adjustments as needed. Most of the advanced digital aids we prescribe can be optimized for the user. Small calibrations can make a big difference in your happiness with a hearing aid, and the ADVENT Hearing Center is dedicated to following through with you. All of this care is included as part of our services.

Hearing should last a lifetime. At the ADVENT Hearing Center, we strive to build long-term relationships with patients to help them keep hearing a healthy, vital sense.