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Tinnitus Management


Our Program

While there is no known cure for tinnitus, our program has proven successful in managing tinnitus for our patients, with many reporting they are no longer bothered by it. We use a multi-faceted medical approach to learn about an individual’s tinnitus and put together a customized treatment plan.

Case History: It is important for us to obtain the relevant medical and hearing history. While rare, there are cases where tinnitus is the symptom of a more serious medical problem.

Tinnitus Handicap Inventory: Due to the subjective nature of tinnitus, there is no reliable and purely objective means for  measuring it. We use a questionnaire to evaluate the functional and emotional impact of tinnitus.

Audiologic Evaluation: It is essential to determine the integrity of the hearing system as a key component in understanding  tinnitus. Our audiologic evaluations for tinnitus include a full diagnostic work up along with special testing for tinnitus, including pitch and loudness matching data.

Medical evaluation: An important component of our program is the visit with a medical provider to further determine potential causes and discuss solutions to any medical issues that may be contributing to the tinnitus.

Counseling and Education: The test findings and evaluation results will be explained in depth, to have a good understanding of the tinnitus and the aggravating factors that can increase its intensity and nuisance.

Treatment Plan: Equipped with all the needed information, a personalized treatment plan will be put together to manage tinnitus. If needed, tinnitus management devices and the use of sound or music therapies may be prescribed. Special attention is paid to the times when tinnitus is most bothersome, and specific recommendations may be made for those times.

Tinnitus Referral Recommendations: We have built up a network of local specialists that assist in treating tinnitus including TMJ specialists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and psychologists. The appropriate recommendations will be made if deemed necessary.

Types of therapies:

Tinnitus affects each individual differently. graphics-canoe-tinnitus2Our professionals realize the critical need to customize a program that addresses the specific concerns of each patient. We work with several treatment options including multi-flex tinnitus masking technology and music therapy to determine what provides the most relief and the most positive outcome. These therapies retrain and/or stimulate the processing centers of the brain with or without hearing correction. Tinnitus therapy may be prescribed along with other recommendations in the treatment plan.


What to expect at your visit:

Before your appointment:

  • You will be asked to complete your tinnitus questionnaire along with the usual paperwork.
  • Plan to bring a family member or loved one to the first appointment, as we may simulate what your tinnitus and/or hearing sound like to you.

During your appointment:

  • Begin with audiologic testing (approximately 30-45 minutes)
  • Consultation with a Doctor of Audiology and an Ear, Nose and Throat clinician (likely same day)
  • If recommended, you will have the opportunity to try sound therapy the same day

Following your appointment:

  • All of our tinnitus correction devices have a risk free adjustment period

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our services. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you or our loved one. Please contact us today to get started on your pathway to relief.