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Hearing Aids

One size doesn’t fit all.
The success of a hearing aid depends on how precisely it compensates for your kind of hearing loss and meets your lifestyle needs. A “mail-order” hearing aid can’t do this. At the ADVENT Hearing Center we custom fit and tune hearing aids for each individual patient. Two people with similar hearing loss but different lifestyles would receive hearing aids programmed quite differently at the ADVENT Hearing Center, for example. That kind of attention to your specific needs makes the difference between a hearing aid that benefits you for years to come, and one that you discard after several weeks because it just doesn’t work.


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The latest digital hearing instruments.
We offer the area’s largest selection and the latest 100% digital hearing instruments from the world’s leading manufacturers. You get an accurate fitting plus clear, clean sound quality. These amazing instruments pack the power of a personal computer into a tiny device that can be programmed specifically to your needs. Digital hearing aids provide exceptional sound quality. Some even offer Bluetooth® compatibility with cell phones, TVs, computers and more. And they can improve your hearing in all listening environments, even those with noisy backgrounds. We are currently the only audiology practice in the area that offers a virtual reality sound simulation room with three-dimensional sound and 100% invisible hearing aids. Here, Dr. Kandula and her team simulate a variety of listening conditions as you “test drive” hearing aids to evaluate what they can do for you and verify that your hearing aid is optimally configured for your specific hearing needs.

Catering to your complete satisfaction. Every hearing instrument that Dr. Kandula and her team fit or dispense comes with a free trial period. During this time, we will fine-tune your aid and make sure its fit and function meet your needs. We also offer a wide variety of additional benefits, which include:

  • Complete hearing aid orientation with every purchase
  • Ambassador battery program (batteries at cost)
  • Best prices
  • Free adjustments & cleanings as often as you need them
  • Free yearly in-office acoustic checks
  • Free minor repairs in-office


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