Hear Well. Live Better.

Connecting with life again.

Imagine being able to hear every word of conversation at the dinner table again. Catching the first song of robins in the spring. Fully understanding a discussion at work. Picking up the subtleties of a symphony concert. When your hearing is sharp, you feel alive, engaged, confident… connected to the world around you. At ADVENT, we’ve been trusted to help thousands of people renew their lives through better hearing. Our care goes beyond prescribing hearing aids to offering you a lifelong program for keeping your hearing vital.


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“So many patients say they wished they had done this sooner. You deserve to live well through better hearing.”
Gwen Kandula, Au.D.

Founder / Board-Certified Doctor of Audiology

Bringing our best
to each patient.


  • Unparalleled care, focused on restoring your hearing vitality
  • Medical team recognized as Top Doctors by Milwaukee Magazine
  • Hearing Center founder named Woman of Influence in Innovation
  • Independent practice featuring technology of the future

Hearing technologies for every person,
every financial comfort level.



The highest level of care for your hearing.

Hearing loss is not something you have to “live with”—at any age. ADVENT will precisely diagnose the cause of your hearing problem and uniquely tailor a solution to you. Our approach combines a medical examination of your ears with highly skilled audiology care. The ADVENT Hearing Center only has doctors of audiology on our team, the most qualified professionals in their field. They have access to the very best technology to fit your needs, lifestyle and budget—now and in the future. More than devices, it is the people and program that make ADVENT a different kind of hearing practice. ADVENT is like going to a gym for your hearing—keeping it fit and strong and an important part of your overall well-being.

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