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Have you been considering balloon sinuplasty?


Relief Stories

Follow Brandon, Laura and Bud through their experiences of office balloon sinus dilation, and discover how they became sinusitis relief success stories.

Brandon's Sinusitis Relief Story

Like many people, Brandon's chronic sinusitis led to severe sinus headaches that put him in a dark room, away from his family, multiple times per month.

Follow Brandon as he shares his sinusitis relief story, watch part of his actual procedure, and hear how he's doing one month later.


Laura's Sinusitis Relief Story

Laura felt trapped in a continuous cycle of outbreak, temporary relief from medication, followed by another outbreak. She had become resigned to not feeling well.

Follow her journey as she shares what led her to have an office sinus dilation, watch a part of her procedure, and learn how she is doing now.


Bud's Sinusitis Relief Story

Bud heard about balloon sinus dilation from another happy patient, and decided to explore whether it was the right option for him.

Follow Bud to find out how office sinus dilation has allowed him to play on the floor with his grandchildren, and avoid the lethargy and loss of focus he felt when he had a sinusitis outbreak.




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