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With time, aging becomes most apparent on the face and neck. As skin loses elasticity, folds and wrinkles become more prominent and jowls develop along the jaw line. By utilizing minimally invasive techniques, a facelift removes years of aging by reducing sagging in the mid or low face and tightening the skin.


Weight change, aging and one’s own anatomy can cause the jowls and the area under the chin to sag and look loose over time. Submentoplasty corrects these conditions to restore a firmer appearance. The ADVENT Cosmetic Surgery Center utilizes liposuction and performs direct removal of excess fat in the jowls and under the chin, and tightens slack neck muscles as well. This procedure is frequently combined with a chin implant to strengthen the overall appearance of the face.

What should I expect?

Following a facelift, a pressure dressing is applied around the face for your comfort and drains may be utilized. The dressing will be removed the next day during your first follow up visit.  Incisions are hidden in natural creases around the ears and potentially under the chin. Sutures will be removed one week after the procedure and ointment can be applied to the incision lines. Bruising and swelling is expected for about 2-3 weeks and subtle swelling will continue to decrease over 2-3 months.