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Volume Replenishment

With age, the collagen and natural elasticity of the face begins to breakdown, taking with them the volume that gives you your youthful appearance. This can lead to hollowing, an increase in fine lines and wrinkles, or make you appear tired.

Volume replenishment is a minimally invasive way to combat effects of aging. By taking small amounts of fat from a different part of your body and implanting it elsewhere in the face (especially in the cheeks or below your eyes), your skin will look more radiant, your features more balanced and your face more youthful.

What should I expect?

Depending on how much volume is desired to obtain an ideal result, multiple volume replenishment procedures may be recommended, as it is expected that 70-80% of the fat cells survive each transfer. After the procedure, facial bruising is expected and subsides following the first week. An abdominal binder is applied to maintain tightness in the area fat was removed.