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Brow Lift

Sagging or low brows can easily give off the wrong impression. It can make you look years older than you really are and appear sad, tired or even angry.

A brow lift can help erase the impact of genetics, gravity, sun and wind by eliminating horizontal creases across your forehead, furrows between your eyebrows and frown lines across the top of your nose.

The lift tightens soft tissues of your forehead to rejuvenate your face above the eyes, renewing a  look that better reflects your natural demeanor.

What should I expect?

An endoscopic brow lift re-establishes a youthful brow height with 3-5 small incisions, discreetly hidden in the hairline. A pressure dressing is applied and bruising around the eyes is expected for 7-10 days, with best results noticeable a few months following your procedure.